Welcome to the OaSIS project!

The OaSIS project established cooperation agreements with the following regional development and innovation agencies to help improving their innovation support activities for SMEs:

December 4, 2019 in News

Marketing4RDAs – Evening Session

The evening session started with the presentation “Monitoring everything to give you what matters” given by Avital Vallois, from Sindup, of how to use the information of…
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December 4, 2019 in News

Marketing4RDAs – Noon Session

After a 30-minutes coffee break, the Conference was resumed with 7 brief presentations that outlined the most relevant figures of the speakers’ regions and offered…
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Bottom-up approach: A thorough analysis of segmentation & support measures for innovating SMEs based on regional development and innovation agencies insights.

Benchmarking study: Assessing the effectiveness of multiple support mechanisms currently used in regional development & innovation agencies across Europe.

Performance-based methodology: Allowing the regional development agencies to segment and support SMEs with the instruments that have statistically proven to produce the highest impact for similar types of companies.

About the OaSIS project

Optimizing Support for Innovating SMEs

Performance-based methodology for regional development and innovation agencies to segment & support innovating SMEs.

The OaSIS project will provide thorough analyses of the existing approaches to the segmentation of innovating SMEs and the assessment of the effectiveness of regional support mechanisms currently used in Europe. Unique Big Data analyses will uncover patterns and correlations among innovating SMEs and spot (early) “success metrics”. This allows to develop new, optimized funding schemes and target enterprises with the highest growth potential.


549,750.00 EUR


24 months

Type of Project

Research and innovation

OaSIS helps regional development & innovation agencies


Access to historic and/or future innovation support instruments data. Data mining approach based on actual data gathered by regional development agencies.


OaSIS performs a personalized analysis of the effectiveness of your funding instruments, grants and other support measures for different SME segments, and compare it with European benchmarks


Recommendations and evaluation on which support instruments are performing best, which seem promising, and which work best in similar environments for SMEs.

The collaboration is secure due to legal frameworks established for sharing expertise (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and data (Database Licensing Agreement). Regional development agencies participating in OaSIS as 3rd  Parties are guaranteed royalty-free access to the software tool which gets developed during the project. General data protection is guaranteed to all applicants & participants by the Data Protection Policy in place.

If you have any questions, please contact the project coordinator.

If you are interested in more information or participating in OaSIS, please use the contact form below:

Your data protection is guaranteed by the Data Protection Policy in place.

Are you an innovative SME?

Just complete a report profiling your company, then compare it with similar players, and receive tailored suggestions for funding (grants, loans, investments).

Focus on what really works. An analysis of the recipe of those companies who made it to sustainability and achieved incredible growth, so that you can learn from their real paths.

Facilitate connections with the institutions responsible for funding instruments you can apply for, with other companies participating in this project, and with market leaders.


To successfully serve the OaSIS project’s needs, the consortium comprises of entities acting as:
data provider, business analyst, and technical data analysis expert.

Cracow University of Technology

We will develop the optimized OaSIS methodology to help companies in unlocking their growth potential. Our University is “one stop shop” for innovative entrepreneurs, with nearly 20 years of experience in assisting SMEs in innovation and enhancing their growth. Enterprise Europe Network Office and Regional Contact Point for Framework Programmes are embedded in our structure which gives us a constant SMEs presence in our actions.

Jakub Kruszelnicki – Project Coordinator


We will perform a unique “Big Data” analysis that will lead to the discovery of hidden patterns and correlations among innovating SMEs.
We are a dynamic Spanish startup awarded with 4 EU projects and employing Stanford alumni specialists in Data Mining.

Manuel Noya – CEO

The European Association of Development Agencies (Belgium)

We will provide access to the regional databases to improve the OaSIS methodology and involve regional authorities in the project.
Our institution is gathering people working on economic development through a large network of 75 members throughout 22 countries in the European Union and beyond. We connect our members with other regional development agencies, business partners and European authorities.

Esteban Pelayo – Director