Segmentation Workshop – 14th June

By June 1, 2019 No Comments

We have already 50 participants registered for the workshop about segmentation of clients in development agencies! The event will take place in Brussels on Friday June 14th. We will analyse software tools and good practices about how to use ICT to provided targeted advice to individual companies. We all know that we have more impact providing a differentiated support to startups than to consolidated companies; to global companies than those working only in local markets. For this reason, development agencies should also provide differentiated tools to traditional industries than those companies based on technologies innovations. 

Development agencies will be more effective if we update our customers’ management systems using the possibilities offered by competitive intelligence mechanisms. The technology is evolving rapidly. Big Data analysis allow us to get a better knowledge of our local companies. Today it is possible to adapt the development agencies’ innovation support tools portfolio to provide customised support to our local companies.

The workshop gathers all the projects approved by the European Commission about segmentation of innovation clients’ portfolio of innovation agencies in the H2020 programme: OaSIS, Watson and SMEthod. This practical vision is complemented with an overview of ERDF databases of the European Commission given by Mathieu Doussineau from the Joint Research Center. Then Fernando Gutiérrez from Bureau Van Dijk will explain commercial tools for FDI and innovation. Please find more information in and register here.