Marketing4RDAs – Evening Session

By December 4, 2019 No Comments

The evening session started with the presentation “Monitoring everything to give you what matters” given by Avital Vallois, from Sindup, of how to use the information of a business environment to increase the competitiveness of a company. The platform works like a strainer that brings as a final output the tailored needed information for decision making. The main basis of the project is the huge amount of information the humans are producing nowadays and how to transform it into something worth for companies and business actors. The main source of the tool are the public web pages but is the AI who made the proper job to take advantage of this information.

After that, we had the opportunity of enjoying the presentation held by Ger Jan Mattens about the Bureau van Dijk’s project Orbis. The platform, also structured around the Big Data, aims to identify the true value of the intellectual property and its management to find out which is useful and relevant for business. In the same way, there is possible to know which market is going to be more receptive to a certain technology, how a sector is performing based on aggregated information, and so on.

Also related with the use of the big data to take advantage of the territories, was the project deployed by Sarah Russis from the fDi Intelligence. Their platform, Geographic Information System (GIS), was specially relevant when mapping the economic features of a certain territory. Using the same information basis than the previous examples, this tool was able to show in a glance how Bourdeaux is performing in the development of a concrete sector, in which neighbourhoods the force of work is allocated, the price of an industrial building, etc.

Last but not least, Cosmin Cristal from the Regional Development Agency of Nord-Est (Romania) explained how the Smart Specialisation Strategies are allowing territories like this to boost segmentation process and innovation support