Expert interview phase started

By September 7, 2018 No Comments

We hope you had a lovely summer. The OaSIS team was busy during the last months with evaluating all the received applications. After the Europe-wide holiday season, life speeds up again and the OaSIS project entered the expert interview phase. Speaking with regional development agencies about their profound experience with SME segmentation & innovation support is such an inspiring and valuable source of knowledge that contributes to this EU H2020-funded research project!

The OaSIS team is absolutely grateful and thanks everybody who applied and takes the time to participate in the project.

If you are interested in learning more about who participates in the OaSIS project and who provides not only expertise during conversations but also shares databases with the researchers and data scientists on board, then please follow the upcoming blog post about the OaSIS consortium meeting in Poland December 11-12 2018, hosted by Cracow University of Technology.