Collaboration with fellow projects Watson and SMEthod

By September 10, 2019 No Comments

Meet our two fellow projects Watson and SMEthod! They both were funded under the same call H2020’s call than OaSIS: INNOSUP-07-2017 – Innovating SMEs – segmentation along lifecycle and sectors (analytical research activity). The three projects are willing to collaborate, and as a result we have taken part of several events together in the past, like OaSIS’s Workshop on Segmentation last 14th of June, but also have plans to do so in the close future.

The SMEthod Project helps Europe select SMEs that have the highest innovation potential and also choose which types of support to give them. Funded by HORIZON 2020, the seven-partner project investigates the factors that impact SME performance and the types of support that are most effective. Project outputs will help European support agencies to better harness the power of SMEs by funding their innovation capacities in a more efficient and socially desirable way.

SMEthod drafted an article on how graduates offer companies an untapped resource that leads to innovation, and small and medium-sized businesses need to embrace it. Research from Lancaster University Management School, working as part of the SMEthod Project, funded by Horizon 2020, shows SMEs that employ graduates are much more likely to innovate and develop. Yet, these firms are unlikely to bring graduates into their businesses. Many are unsure of how to recruit them and need help from universities, graduate recruitment programmes and other pathways into the talent pool. You can read more here.

The WATSON Project aims to develop and demonstrate a framework methodology for studying the impact of Research and Development (R&D) tax credits and incentives on innovation projects led by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) throughout Europe. They are organising a conference on “Studying the impact of R&D tax incentives on SME-led innovation” that will take place next Wednesday 25th of September at the University of Maastricht Campus in Brussels. Project Manager Antoni Pastor (EURADA) will represent the OaSIS project during the conference, and will present the results of our project.

The conference will be a great chance to learn first-hand about the WATSON Project results, how to improve SME Market Segmentation and R&D Tax Credit & Incentive Schemes, discover and discuss Innovation Impact Indicators, and also learn lessons coming from our other fellow project SMEthod. The event will end with a Discussion Panel on What is innovation? The search for a consistent definition.